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About Us

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Community members enjoying Operation Restore, Inc.'s services.

Operation Restore, Inc. is a non-religious 501(C)(3) non profit organization. Our goal is to impact youth, families and communities in low-income neighborhoods that are drug and crime infested. We believe that inner city youth are being socialized to a culture of violence and crime through the drug retail market which is allowed to breed in these neighborhoods and causes the family unit to break down. We have accepted the responsibility to bring equity to these neighborhoods on every level.


Our goal will be achieved by hosting community drug rallies that call for zero tolerance of drug use and drug dealing.


We offer free tutoring for at risk youth as well as family counseling for those in need. Additionally, vocal and performing arts training as well as music lessons will be provided free of charge on a weekly basis. We also offer financial education and credit seminars for at risk youth and families in the Palm Beach County, Florida communities. 


Operation Restore, Inc. is not religious in nature and networks with all agencies, religious and philanthropic organizations that believe in the welfare and equality of all people.


Operation Restore, Inc. strives to help advance communities in order to make the American dream a reality.

Our Program 

Youth and Community Drug and Gang Prevention Program

This program is designed to stop the cycle of drug use and drug dealing in low-income neighborhoods.  Too many of our inner city African American youths are being socialized to a culture of violence and drug dealing as a way of making a living.


Operation Restore, Inc.'s Youth and Community Drug and Gang Prevention Program intends to break the cycle of at risk youths standing on street corners breeding crime and violence.

Dealer Counting Money

Phase 1

Community walk through the neighborhood calling for zero tolerance for drug dealers.

Phase 2

Call  for unity in designated areas of churches, local businesses and police as we work in the neighborhood. Weekly meetings will be held to secure volunteers who will take part in Operation Restore, Inc.'s vision for cleaning up the community.

Phase 3
Operation Restore, Inc. organizes monthly neighborhood rallies calling for zero tolerance for drug dealers. At these rallies, there will be community speakers, talent shows, prizes, essays and poems from at risk youth about  why they should not use or sell drugs.
Phase 4
Operation Restore, Inc. organizes residents from local churches, synagogues, businesses, communities, and philanthropic organizations in Palm Beach County, Florida to show up as a presence on street corners in at risk  neighborhoods to challenge those who are standing on corners selling and using drugs. The goal is to engage with them in order to alter their life's trajectory into a more positive direction for their lives. This phase is a month long process as we move into the dominion phase.
Finally, Operation Restore, Inc. provides assistance for job training, goal setting and career planning.
Phase 5
This phase focuses on dominion in taking the drug dealer's territory. We attempt to take control of the open air drug market and these designated areas working 4 days a week working Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, 6:00pm to 10:00pm and 11:00pm to 4:00am.
Private security teams will consist of off duty police officers and private security agencies to patrol during the above times, working to break the drug trade. The off duty officers are very important to achieve dominion in our community as we drive out the drug retail market.  The individuals selling drugs in our community will not listen to community leaders, but will respond to the law in its presence of authority. This is a missing component across our state and our nation as we seek to have zero tolerance for drug dealings.
This phase will continue for 3 to 6 months or until complete control is taken of the designated area. Phase 5 will reduce crime and direct youth to positive lifestyles while breaking the cycle of gains and drug dealing ramping up in the communities.
Phase 6
After complete control of the designated community our after care program works to keep drug dealers from returning to the streets by creating community watch teams who work with the police department in order to identify known and suspected drug dealers.
This movement will begin in the Federal Gardens neighborhood of Riviera Beach, Florida and systematically continue to move to throughout Riviera Beach and Palm Beach County in each drug infested neighborhood.
Operation Restore, Inc. intends to set the example in the state of Florida and the nation.
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