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Black African World History

This program will assist Black African American youth in realizing that their culture is not hip-hop or gangster life, but rather their ancient history and culture. 

Young Black African Americans are not as aware of their predecessors' contributions to human history, worldwide civilization, and culture.The Bible will be our primary source for historical information. Egyptian hieroglyphics serve as evidence for the DNA research conducted by eminent scientists, archaeologists, and anthropologists that refute the falsehood propagated by American sociology that black people have no ancient history.


We will discover that West Africans arrived in this region over a thousand years before any Europeans. Over a thousand years ago, in a city called Kilawa on the east coast, Africans were sailing to China and India at a time when no European society possessed such abilities.

We will also discuss the cities of gold, the real eve, and we will teach one human race, many cultures but one root. 

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