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Founder Spotlight

Bishop Dr. Phillip Dukes

"We Can Change Our Community Atmosphere"
~ Bishop Dr. Phillip Dukes

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Bishop Dr. Phillip Dukes is a man who has lived three distinct lives. He was brought up in a upright churchgoing family. He veered far from his upbringing in his teens and twenties becoming a major drug dealer and addict.


In his early thirties, Dr. Dukes returned to his disciplined upbringing. Despite his body being ravaged by his desolate lifestyle, Dr. Dukes achieved his doctorate and became a Bishop in his church.


Today Dr. Dukes is the founder of Operation Restore, Inc., an activist against gun violence and mentors at risk youth to avoid making the same mistakes that he did. He is also the Co-Founder of  THE IN-CROWD, a Palm Beach County, Florida volunteer based unified movement for equal opportunity and equal justice for all.

Dr. Dukes has not only been outspoken about gun violence, he has been a community hero who has put himself at risk to help clean the streets from the worst element.

Below are some of the press reports of examples of Bishop Dr. Phillip Dukes’ heroic efforts.


Click HERE if you would like to view a video of a news story about Bishop Dukes.

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Dukes Article Riviera Man PBP 5-17-2003.jpg
Dukes Article Riviera Man Threatened - PBP 10-25-2002.jpg
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