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We're All Americans

We're All Americans 
This concept is designed to bring people together, to change our community atmosphere, and build strong culture relationships as we teach against all forms of historical bigotry and injustice. Also, what continues to this day in American society against Black African American people as we press toward ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, BECAUSE WE'RE ALL AMERICANS 

1. Call of unity of all Americans to stand together against injustice, the focal point is the disenfranchised Black African American communities and the social historical discrimination  that exist to this very day. We point to how some thing have gotten better, but much more need to be done. We dismantle all arguments that American is a post discriminational society when it comes to BLACK AFRICA AMERICANS. WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW ANY BLACK OR WHITE NATIONALIST TO SPEAK AT ANY OF OUR EVENTS BECAUSE THERE IDEOLOGY IS UN-AMERICAN .

2. We have rallies and concerts in the disenfranchised communities and teach against all forms of bigotry we don't use the term Different RACES it is divisive. We teach one human race many cultures, as we challenge our African American youth to come out of thug life and gang violence. At these rallies we will also have, talent shows , poetry, dance, and singing contest for youth to showcase why you shouldn't use or sell drugs. 

At these rallies, we teach Black American history and Black African Ancient World history.
We address that our communities have been socialized to a culture of thug life, gang and gun violence. We give the vision to brake the cycles, bringing resources and opportunities in the community. We also, work with police and hire private  police to enforce the vision to give hope to the community.

3. We raise money with our non-profit, not just to  just protest but to do the work in the community . We do radio , Tv-ads, and social media campaigns, to  share the vision and  teach one human race, many cultures pulling down all taught forms of bigotry. We are making Riviera Beach  the focal point for this work, to be an example to The state of Florida and Nation as move across  America with this vision.

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